Course in Early Childhood Education

Santa Reparata International School Of Art (SRISA)


Course in Early Childhood Education

Santa Reparata International School Of Art (SRISA)

Accredited Early Childhood Education Program at SRISA

SRISA offers students currently studying in education programs in the United States the unique opportunity to participate in a special program developed to provide Early Childhood Education students with the opportunity to take classes in their major or minor, but also to gain valuable experience as teacher’s assistants for a local bi-lingual (Italian and English) Elementary school. The accredited program offers a unique insight into the different teaching methodologies that have originated in Italy such as the Reggio Emilia Approach, Montessori and the Classic Italian Educational System. Additionally, students minoring in physical education, art education, and music may be placed as teaching assistants in those areas.

Program Structure:

Students in this program enroll for a total of 15 credit hours, including a 20 hour per week internship as a teachers assistant, one course on early childhood education, Italian language and an elective.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Beatrice Salvadori


  • 3 cr. Teaching Methodologies: Introduction to Education in Italy, from Montessori to Reggio Emilia.
  • 6 cr. Teacher’s Assistant Internship
  • 3 cr. Italian Language and Culture
  • 3 cr. Elective to be chosen from the SRISA catalog.

Field trips:

Reggio Emlia:

As part of this program students will have the unique opportunity to visit the Lori Malaguzzi center called Reggio Children, located In Reggio Emilia and participate in a special workshop designed to introduce students to the Reggio Emilia Approach.

In addition, students will visit local Italian schools and a Montessori school in Prato, Italy.

Internship Location:

The primary school that SRISA students will intern at is The Kindergarten school. It is located approximately 10 mins walking distance from the SRISA main campus.. To learn more about the school, visit their website:

Who can apply?

Students that are currently enrolled in an Early Childhood Education program at their home university.

To apply to this program you must:
  1. Complete the regular SRISA application process
  2. Complete the SRISA Special Education Application and submit it to the admissions office.
  3. Submit 3 letters of reference from individuals that speak directly to your preparedness for this particular program.
  4. Individuals might include past instructors or work supervisors if the work pertains to education or children.
  5. Cover letter detailing why you want to attend this program and why you feel you will do well.
  6. Resume/CV detailing work experience.
Course Description: 3 cr. Teaching Methodologies: Introduction to Education in Italy, from Montessori to Reggio Emilia.

This Course introduces students to the different teaching methodologies currently in practice in Italy. Italy has exported several important teaching methodologies throughout the world including: the Reggio Emilia Approach that has in recent years gained international popularity and the Montessori method developed by Maria Montessori that is present all over the world. In the course we will explore these methodologies as well as the current public school methodologies and system as it is practiced today.

Students will be asked to consider how these methodologies have changed as they have been adapted all over the world. As part of this course, students will attend various schools throughout Italy so see them first hand. Students will spend one week in Reggio Emilia for a special workshop taught at the Loris Malaguzzi center in Reggio Emilia.

Course Description: 6 cr. Teacher’s Assistant Internship

In this 6 credit Internship students will assist the instructors of the dual language school called Kindergarten. Students will work a total of 20 hours per week throughout the entire program.

Teaching Assistants will be required to develop lessons and activities that they will be responsible for implementing. These lessons will be in English with the scope of helping the dual language students improve their English skills.

Students will be asked to give a written observation of each student they worked with. At the termination of the program students will be asked to submit a five page paper that overviews their experience as well as preparing a binder with all the lessons and observations that they collected throughout the semester.

The binder will be submitted to the Program Director, Beatrice Salvadori, who will issue a grade for the internship in collaboration with the input from the teacher and English Language coordinator at the school.

Developmental Psychology OR Introduction to Child Psychology

This course is designed to provide a broad introduction to major areas in child development, as well as, though to a lesser extent, adolescent development. The course will explore the biological, cognitive, emotional, and social development of children and adolescents. Special attention will be on the scientific methods and approaches that psychologists use to study development.

Art for Early Childhood Educators:

This course will introduce different ways in which early childhood educators can use art and technology as tools for learning. This hands on course will provide real in-class demonstrations of practical workshops and ideas that can be implemented with specific learning objectives in mind.

Students will be introduced to the different materials that are both safe and appropriate for children at different stages. Special attention is given to how the different Italian methodologies such as Montessori and Reggio Emilia Approach use art as part of their curriculum, as well as the Waldorf method that uses art as a primary learning tool.

Multiple session options are available. Contact us for information and details.

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